Guten Tag from Mrs Golcuk

I received this email form Mrs Golcuk today…. If you would like to reply to her email, please do so in the reply box of this post and i will forward it to her email! 🙂
Hallo Guten Tag liebe Preps from Bonn, Germany…
It’s winter here +3 C freezing cold. I’m glad that I brought my winter coat with me when I was leaving hot Melbourne. It took me 36 hours with waiting time from Melbourne to Bonn.
My mum and my sister came to pick me up from Frankfurt International Airport. I was soooo excited and happy to see my family. My home town Bonn is 2 hours away from the airport. I am staying 3 weeks in Germany and then will stay 5 weeks in Turkey.
My family and my friends are very happy to meet me. I am meeting every day an old friend. We go to a restaurant, cafe, shopping or having breakfast. This means that I am eating every day yummy food 🙂
In Germany it is Christmas and my favourite is the Christmas bazaar called Weihnachtsmarkt. I love the roasted sweet almonds.. hhmmmmm.. yummyyy.. and the decoration lights…
The house is where Ludwig van Beethoven was born. He is a very famous musician from Bonn.
The great church behind me is the very famous old Dom in Cologne..
Enjoy the photos and have a nice summer holidays…
Love Mrs Golcuk 🙂

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Universal Children’s Day

Today is Universal Children’s Day and a reminder to all of us that children are our future. We are very lucky to be living in Australia, a country that is not war stricken or starving. We need to remember the rights for all children…

Small Voices Big Dreams is one of the largest global polls of children’s views in the world. This year, to mark the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, over 6,000 children from 44 countries tell us why child rights are important to them.

These are some of the Prep thoughts…

“Children deserve  respect.” – Akyra

“Children deserve kindness.” – Sara

“Children deserve fun.” – Diego

“Children deserve friends.” – Mitchell

“Children deserve to learn how to write.” – Ryan

“Children deserve food.” – Jess

“Children deserve to play.” – Nathan

“Children deserve happiness.” – Maheen

“Children deserve drink water.” – Ryan

“Children deserve hats because if their country is hot and sunny they need to protect their skin.” – Ruya

“Children deserve shelter.” – Sara

“Children deserve love.” – Maheen

“Children deserve food and water because they can’t survive otherwise.” – Thomas

“Children deserve to go to school.” – Lucy

“Children deserve respect.” – Grace

“Children deserve to survive.” – Manahil

“Children deserve mums and dads.” -Thomas

“Children deserve luck.” – Grace

“Children deserve love.” – Claudia

“Children deserve houses and homes.” – Thomas

“Children deserve a home.” – Sierra


Being Mindful…


Unfortunately in the last few weeks we have forgotten to respect the special things we have in Prep. We will be working very hard in these last few weeks of Prep to be mindful of what is around us…

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to change. It’s not! -Lorax”

IMG_3106 IMG_3107

While the swimmers are away the rest will ‘play’…

The children that did not participate in the swimming program this year did not miss out on all the fun, they had fun of their own!

Thinking of a mini project for the children that stayed behind was challenging. We didn’t want to work on our unit projects without everyone there and we had to think of something that was sustainable for the eight days of the swimming program and also something that we could share with our friends, allowing it to take a different form once the swimming had concluded.

Miss Waters came up with the idea to show the children the following clips of domino effect and chain reactions:

After watching the links the children were inspired to make their own constructions out of dominos and objects they found in the classroom. On the first day of the domino project the children created their own designs based on the inspiration they gained from watching youtube clips. The days that followed included working in small groups to construct their own ‘domino effect’ or ‘chain reaction’ and sketching their progress. In the last few days the children mainly used the dominos, linking their pathways together and sharing the anticipation of knocking over the first domino. Many children  experienced situations that required determination, persistence and courage to keep building or rebuild fallen dominos. Their friendships were tested when dominos were knocked over and they questioned the presence of a ghost at times. Overall the children worked in teams, celebrating each others success and sharing the pain of persistence.

The children have decided to set up the dominos as an additional problem solving activity for the Maths Space in L.A. Here is a snap shot of our Domino Project:

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